Our Approach

We’re not private equity. We’re not building a big portfolio nor are we one and done. We’re former investors and operators providing ‘One at a Time’ equity capital to dedicated business owner-operators to fund growth or transition events.


What we look for.

AOA typically makes control investments (>50%) but want our selling shareholders to remain highly invested in the ultimate success of the company. This typically means a continuing operating role and seller / contingent financing. If your goal is to sell 100% of your business with a very short transition period, we’re probably not the right group for you. If you are looking to sell 10% to fund a new concept, we probably aren’t your group either.

How we operate.
We don’t simply show up for board meetings. We roll up our sleeves and take the time to understand your business on the front end. We then work together to develop and implement a comprehensive growth plan which anticipates the needs of the business and provide resources and perspective where appropriate.
We're in it together.
We’re believers in alignment of interests. This goes for shareholders and managers alike. Rollover investments from selling shareholders are encouraged. We implement attractive cash and long-term incentive plans for all senior managers. We don’t have a set time horizon either. While we will commit to you a set succession plan as appropriate, we have no pre-determined exit strategy of our own.


What matters to us.

Finally, integrity and principles matter. We believe in the golden rule. While we enjoy getting to know new businesses, we are direct and efficient as we want to be respectful of your time. If we aren’t the right group, we will tell you why and provide any suggestions we may have.